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What is BHARAT NCAP? Know before buying Maruti TATA Mahindra or Hyundai New Cars



What is BHARAT NCAP? Know before buying Maruti TATA Mahindra or Hyundai New Cars

What is global NCAP?

What is Bharat NCAP?

What is BHARAT NCAP? Know before buying Maruti TATA Mahindra or Hyundai New Cars, TATA Punch safety, global ncap ratings

Build quality is a must for new car buyers in India, as safety awareness is brought in view by Global NCAP. Global NCAP tries to give ratings to cars by performing the crash test by simulation of an accident. The ones that get more ratings win the safety recognition of consumers. Of late car build quality & safety are the major parameters every car buyer vouch for. Also India has witnessed a growing number of car consumers year on year. With the type of roads & driving conditions in India, there seems to be a dire need to have India specific NCAP testing specific to its needs.

The Bharat NCAP an indigenous automotive safety assessment program of the Indian subcontinent which assesses the crashworthiness of cars and thereby assess the quality of drive, build quality & safety on Indian roads.

A major distinction between GNCAP and Bharat NCAP includes advanced safety parameters over the basic safety features in the latter. Also Bharat NCAP aims to address the roads specific issues & driving experience pertaining to India.

Similarities & differences between GNCAP & Bharat NCAP

are detailed in this article especially for you, interested in safe journey of your family:

  • Commonness includes having the same crash test parameters such as frontal offset, side impact, and whiplash tests.

  • More or less both the assessments give star ratings based on the safety performance of the cars, ranging from zero to five stars, and typically tests are done.

  • The major distinction that Bharat NCAP provides is having some additional tests such as rollover, rear impact, and child seat anchorages.

  • Lower speed thresholds for frontal offset and side impact tests, and higher weight limits for dummies are some of the test parameters mainly catering to Indian roads. Indian car consumers will get added information while choosing the cars that can adapt to the Indian scenario and provide safety & best driving experience.

  • Pedestrian safety assessments are not considered under Bharat NCAP while factored in the Global NCAP and other regional NCAPs.

Image & Embed Source: Global NCAP & #safecarsforindia


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