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The big show - TATA Curv Vs. Hyundai Creta?

carzindagi desk, Jan 15, 2023 01:53 PM IST

Have you ever seen a SUV - Coupe hybrid? This one takes you for a surprise. Looks like it’s a decisive step TATA has taken in the midst of the SUV storm in the market. It is high time for TATA to design a connecting link between Harrier & Nexon after the phenomenal consistent sales of Nexon & Harrier put together. With the incarnation of Curv, TATA sets a new benchmark which is practically difficult for its rivals.

Moving around this new Avatar of TATA, one can find a close similarity with premium sports cars and the desired SUV. Right from Nexon, Taigun and Creta, the box-like appearance of SUVs disappeared in recent times. The muscular and compact solid car Nexon is a gold standard for SUVs as of today in the Indian car market. Taking the compactness from Nexon, front looks from Harrier and a coupe like rear shape close to a premium sports car is what you get in Curv. The design principles slightly vary between EV versions of Curve with the Petrol & Diesel models on the grounds of aerodynamics.

Do you aspire for an box like or a sharp looking muscular SUV car? The choice is with you. Curv has already outpoured it's display with the prototype at the Autoexpo 2023. The stylish looks of TATA Altroz has already youth friendly. Now it's time to mesmerize them again with the production of Curv. CUrv comes headon in the saem segment with Hyundai Creat. A technical outlook of both Curve & Creta can throw more light on the performance angle as well. The petrol model of Curv comes with two versions. The 1.2L TGDI engines comes with 123bhp power and 225Nm torque. The 1.5L TGDI engine comes with 168bhp power and 280Nm torque. The diesel model of Curv comes with a 1.5L engine, 115bhp power & 250Nm torque. Currently the petrol & diesel versions of Creta come with a 1.5 L engine with 113bhp power & 144Nm torque. Until the commercial launch of Curv, the interiors and the equipment as well as the engine & its performance cannot be compared apple to apple. Whether Curv or Creta? The launch & customers decide.


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