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TATA MOTORS & HYUNDAI -The Race for 2nd Spot in sales

carzindagi desk, Apr 9, 2023, 1:35 PM IST

A total of 46, 847 cars have been sold by TATA Motors in March 2023. The indigenous automotive manufacturer “TATA Motors” left Hyundai in 3rd place. TATA motors sales remarkably grew to 27 percent year-on-year with Hyundai registering a growth of only 4.4 percent for the said period.

In India, for a while, TATA Motors & Hyundai Motors are recreating symbolically the famous Hollywood flick The 'Prestige' with neck to neck competition. For this moment, TATA Motors outwit Hyundai Motors India in sales, with plethora of cars suiting Indian drive conditions & family safety.

A stunning performance in the sales, phenomenal niche capture and strategic placement in the automotive catchment, Tata Motors gives a strong competition to giant automotive manufacturers within the OEM automotive companies.

The corporate branding of Tata Motors “Connecting Aspirations” seems to be honored by its customers who are delighted by the most emotive & aspirational products it offers from time to time.

This new strategy & the vision of TATAs materialized into many product lines, making TATA cars one of the most chosen brand among the youth, middle aged & elderly.

TATA has worked a lot on the comfort & infotainment of the interiors with spacious luxury seating & Harman Music system.

The top selling products like Punch & Nexon retain grip of TATA Motors in the SUV catchment.

Pushing the boundaries, breaking the prejudices and revolutionizing Indian automotive, the TATA Motors is a story of the phoenix raising from the ashes.

“Driving a TATA car is a matter of safety & pride”, is the statement that most Indians acknowledge. Nevertheless the acceptance is shown in the sales performance of TATA cars.

Beating the Motor giant Hyundai, TATA motors races ahead and is second only to Maruti Suzuki on the sales grounds. TATA Motors finds back its steer in safety, style & speed.

Image Source: All the car and car related pictures from TATA Motors


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