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Manchester united fan, Elon Musk chose to drive ....!

carzindagi desk, Jan 15, 2023 01:47 PM IST

From the wolf of the wall street to the fast & furious, one thing is common. Car is not a style but lifestyle. It would be interesting to note how billionaires perceive this. Ever thought what the Richie riches would look into a car. In this special edition let's catch up Elon Musk and his tiny tiny fascination to embrace the splendid Tesla Model S. From inside out, the interiors are equipped with a 17 inch responsive touch screen with 2200x1300 resolution with exceptional performance for gaming & best cinematic experience. The signature yoke steer gives clear visibility of the dashboard elements and the road ahead. Hidden air vents, ventilated seats and HEPA filtration & air circulation makes this a premium interior for a pleasant environment throughout the drive time. The rear seats are specially redesigned for comfortably housing three adults. The seats are filled with extra legroom, decent headroom and a stowable armrest along with integrated storage. The rear seats are also given with wireless and 36-watt USB-C charging provisions. The car is immersed with a 22-speaker, 960-watt audio system. The Active Road Noise Reduction enables studio level performance. A sufficient room for luggage storage and easy access to keep and pull the luggage is yet another feather in the cap. Coming to the exteriors, the car brings a lot of lustre to the way it traverses keeping the eyes glued at every piece of information it carries.

Tesla Model S prime specifications

Talking about the technical aspects, the battery supports 396 mi with 825 bhp power and 1,300 Nm torque. Collectively this pays a quickest acceleration, and thanks to the updated battery architecture for the recent models, that back-to-back track runs without performance degradation offers back-to-back track runs without performance degradation. The 0-60 mph is calculated to 1.99secs with a top speed of 200 mph. Isn't that fast & furious? Yes, Elon! you got it right!


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