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Go Savvy! with Tech rich Bajaj Chetak 2023- Features, Specification, Performance & Price

carzindagi desk, Mar 27, 2023, 12:47 AM IST

A scooter that was built to last long, a sensational presence on the Indian streets, and a personal connection with almost every family has returned back to surprise you more with the all new EV dimension. Yes, we are speaking about the one and only affordable scooter of 90's India, Bajaj Chetak. lest not worry, the classic has emerged back as an alpha version in its latest looks.

Creating an unusual template of fitting an electric eel into a classic vintage scooter, Hamara Chetak has been reintroduced into the Indian two wheeler market. With state of the art technology & comfort, and retaining the time tested strong steel body, the all New Chetak is the most desired EV scooter by the youngsters and the young spirited.

Bajaj Auto Company first introduced Chetak, way back in 1972, named after the horse of the great legendary king Maharana Pratap. Ever since, Chetak has hit the spellbound sales numbers across all the states in the country. Chetak has unequivocally stood a tough competition with LML Vespa & the like. In the wake of innovations & modernization, Chetak lost the ground and faded in the market presence after 2006.

Mustering courage and banking upon the success in the past, Bajaj Auto Company reintroduced Chetak suiting the thirst of modern Indians. Carrying the ethos of the predecessor, a strong steel body has been a reiteration in this all new presence. The 2023 premium edition features never before driving range in the EV scooter segment. The scooter features app based bluetooth connectivity, tamper alert, geo-fencing, OTA updates and mobile charging port. The retromodern design consists of an attractive colour LCD console (digital speedometer, tripmeter & odometer) and body coloured mirrors matching the 3 vibrant colours. The vehicle comes with an under seat storage space of 16L, tubeless tyres and alloy wheels. The 2023 Chetak is currently available across 60+ Cities with an Ex-showroom price of INR 120, 983/-.

Internally Chetak is equipped with 4200 W BLDC Motor, 50.4 V / 60.4 Ah lithium ion battery that gets charged in 5 hours and gives 90km/charge in the Eco mode & 80km/charge in the sports mode as claimed by the manufacturer. The scooter produces a max torque of 16.2 Nm @ 1400 rpm with a top speed of 63km/hr. In the front the scooter has disc brake & in the rear drum brake with a synchronised combi brake system. ARAI mileage range is 108km/charge.

Image Source: Illustrations adapted from OEM


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