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Car tips to improve Mileage, Performance & Safety #2

carzindagi desk, Apr 12, 2023, 12:48 AM IST

Little things mean a lot - check out how these to help you self & your car. Yes you got it right! Don’t ever under-rate them. These are the essential things that can determine the course of your life and the others next to you. Your car may be equipped with all these features but they mean nothing unless you use them wisely in the time of need. Specialist drivers try to use these features at every possible opportunity deliberately to build a habit. A habit that is built will be ingrained in our character and seamless execution in the times of dire need. If you ever care for these little things on daily basis that would also greatly improve the lifestyle and etiquette. These car tips are part of series of posts that would be following up, so don't miss the upcoming ones too. For today we focus 4 important car tips, concisely these are:

Parking lights:

  • Mainly for hazard projection while the vehicle is stationary or while parked

  • During rain, many keep the parking lights on while driving which is illegal in many states as it can be a secondary hazard

Fog lights:

  • Increase the visibility during weather conditions like rain, fog, mist & dust

Side indicator lights:

  • Alert people & other drivers on the road about your planned action

  • Use the right indicator light while turning right side and left indicator light for turning towards left while driving the car

Ivan Radic is licensed under CC BY 2.0.


Outside rear view mirror also abbreviated as ORVM is adjustable electrically. Therefore it is easy to be accessed even while driving to adjust. ORVM is

  • Inevitable components of a car for the safety of the driver and passengers

  • Helps the driver to see the vehicles approaching from behind and close to the car to avoid collisions

  • Extremely important to see the objects in the ORVMs as most of the accidents can be avoided with due diligence

  • While turning the car towards right or left side, the corresponding ORVM should be observed to mind the traffic on that side

More tips to follow up in the next part of this car tips series,

Image source: Pexels


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