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Car tips to improve Mileage, Performance & Safety #1

carzindagi desk, Apr 11, 2023, 1:10 AM IST

Little things mean a lot - check out how these to help you self & your car. Yes you got it right! Don’t ever under-rate them. These are the essential things that can determine the course of your life and the others next to you. Your car may be equipped with all these features but they mean nothing unless you use them wisely in the time of need. Specialist drivers try to use these features at every possible opportunity deliberately to build a habit. A habit that is built will be ingrained in our character and seamless execution in the times of dire need. If you ever care for these little things on daily basis that would also greatly improve the lifestyle and etiquette. These car tips are part of series of posts that would be following up, so don't miss the upcoming ones too. For today we focus 4 important car tips, concisely these are:

Seat Adjustments:

  • Unprecedented control over the car

  • Relieve fatigue

  • Blind spot visibility on highways


  • Protects your head from whiplash injury during a collision

  • Protects from head & neck injuries during stochastic events

Tyre pressure:

  • Uniform weight distribution across the tyre’s tread pattern

  • Helps in better stability of the car on the move

  • Avoids probability of a flat tyre

High beam/low beam:

  • High beam provides clear view to the driver on far places where there is no proper lighting & traffic - ideal for rural areas where there is no proper ambient illumination

  • Low beam on the other hand is meant for heavily crowded areas with traffic in the range of 200-300 mts - ideal for general night time drive with ambient illumination

More tips to follow up in the next part of this car tips series,

Image source: Pexels


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