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All is well! The Thud, the Bang & the Wham! CAR SOUNDS in 1/18 seconds!

carzindagi desk, Jan 15, 2023 01:41 PM IST

Drivers assessing car sounds as well as build quality. Car driving & maintenance tips
Experienced drivers in India assess car build/quality through sound & noise check

From Ferrari to local trucks, the build quality is generally reviewed by our drivers. Be it a countryside Dhaba or outside Taj hotel, we find drivers commenting on car performance and build. They are the authority and practical standard to access.

TATA SUMO car named after Sumant Moolgaokar & Car driving & maintenance tips
TATA SUMO, iconic car from TATA Motors predecessor of TATA Safari, TATA Nexon, TATA Harrier & TATA Punch.

Sumant Moolgaokar, a top most employee of TATA Motors used to have road side chat with various drivers at highway dhabas. He used to skip behind his opportunity to have lunch at 5 star hotels and share his meal time with truck drivers. He used to learn various issues of TATA vehicles practically, and incorporated improvements after reaching back to office. TATA group recognised his eminence and named TATA SUMO after him. SU mant MO oolgaokar, such is the greatness of him and importance of drivers.

Seriously, our predecessors considered truck drivers as the right analysts.

Car part of lifestyle. Car driving & maintenance tips
Car is more than to only travel but part of modern lifestyle

Usually a Punjabi driver assesses the build quality of a truck/car with the THUD sound, the doors make while closing. A Tamilian driver waits could easily estimate which car stands the test of time under a mishap. Irrespective of standard analytics of these seasoned drivers, we have the analysis running in our veins. Thanks to the traffic & civic sense of the people in our country, that's how at times poor car models enter the market and make an early exit.

New car buyers focus more on car build & car safety over performance alone. General car tips for safety & maintenance
New car buyers focus more on car build & car safety over performance alone

Unlike the earlier times, today, Indians are seriously giving thought to safety compared to performance or cost. This is becoming even more important as after recovering from the COVID blow, nobody wants to end their life in a car accident. So, Indians are now making a conscious decision to invest in health and safety. I recently noticed a person knocking a car with his fingers almost the entire exterior at a premium showroom. When asked by the executive, he replied “I am just testing the strength by assessing the sound”. I vividly remember the incident of Mokshagundam Visveswaraiah, a distinguished sound engineer of India who heard the creaking sound of the railway track and alarmed the train driver to stop in the middle of the night during one of his travels. In this millennial metaverse, buyers are aware of what breaks the build and what builds the build.

Image Source: pexels


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